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Reporting / Recovery

Portable GPS tracker with cell phone.

This small easy to use product is not only a CELL PHONE but also a REAL TIME TRACKING DEVICE.

Cell phone

  • Only three predetermined phone numbers could be dialled out.
  • Unlimited incoming calls.
  • No sms`s.
  • No chat rooms.

Rela Time Tracking

  • Live GPS tracking and fleet management capabilities.
  • Tracking your drivers, child or loved one`s every move, updating every 15 seconds!
  • Fully web-based solution, track from your PC, tablet or cell phone.

Advance SOS

This device also comes with an advanced panic button or early warning.

Should your driver, child or any loved one press the panic button -

  • The panic will go of in our 24/7 control centre.
  • Our personnel will be able to listen in as to what is going on inside the vehicle or surrounding area via our device. No one will be able to hear that we are listening in.

This way we can prematurely determine whether it is a hijack or a routine check via police.

This works exceptionally well in the scenario where a “traffic-officer” pulls your driver/loved one off the road. These day`s we cannot be too sure whether it is a legit officer or not.

  • The position of where the panic was pressed is immediately updated on the tracking maps as this device is a real time tracking unit.
  • The owner of the vehicle or nearest relative will be notified of the panic activated.
  • If necessary we would deploy our recovery force.

This all done prematurely to a hijack or theft of your vehicle and also securing your driver`s or loved one live.


  • Controlled communication for drivers, No cell phone abuse.
  • Track your drivers or loved ones live from your pc or any mobile device.
  • Advanced SOS button for security purposes.
  • Track expensive cargo. If the battery is fully charged it will last up to 15hours.

Less cost for more protection!!