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Reporting / Recovery

Live Satellite Tracking – FleetTrack

  • Live GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management.
  • Tracking your vehicles every move, updating every 15 seconds!
  • Saving you on running costs and increasing your bottom line!!


Product features:

  • Fully web-based solution, track from your PC, tablet or cell phone.
  • Live real time tracking, 15sec update intervals.
  • View all vehicles on one screen.
  • Grouping of vehicles.
  • Start-Stop time indication.
  • History trip replay on detailed street maps.
  • Detailed trip reporting.
  • Automated log-book. (sars approved)
  • Geo-fence control, Go-zone and no-go-zones.
  • Speed control.
  • Manage speed fines.
  • Distinguish between business and private vehicle usage.
  • Point of interest visiting report. History.
  • Points of interest loading made easy, loading your clients detail for better control.
  • Scheduled reports send to your email. Automated.
  • Auto Health check, call centre notification.
  • 24/7 Call centre support.